About us

Stema Grup

Founded in 2007 Stema Grup S.R.L offers a large variety of services both civil and industrial constructions with the following CAEN CODES CAEN: 4120,3700,3600.

Our society follows constantly the requirmentents of the market and and wants to meet every expectation from our customers. We offer solutions in conformity with both national and international standars.

Our specialists are atested by MDRAP – Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale si Administratiei Publice and by Inspectoratul de Stat in Constructii pentru activitatile desfasurate.

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Human Resource:

In Stema Group you can find both TESA and TEHNIC personnel.

Regarding our technical staff, the following qualifications are: engineers, foremans, welders, carpenters, blacksmiths, concrete workers, electricians, installers and unqualified workers.

Since we expect high effieciency, our technic staff periodically follows improvement and qualification classes in order to work in comformity with the new standards imposed and with the new equipments from the building services.


Movable Resource:

The car park contains cars, vehicles of freight transport and specific vehicles from the domain of building services such as:

  • skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders,compactors,tipper
  • freight transport cars
  • cars for the personnel

Working Resource:

Our staff is fully equipped with modern equipment such as

  • welding machines in metal and polyethylene , (PEHD) with electro-fusion head-head melting to 630 diametre
  • compressors, water pumps, compactors
  • hand tools
  • electrical tools
  • scaffolding equippments for height working
  • electricity generator
  • metalic formwork
  • equippment for electricians